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Curated vintage, classic pieces & hand-crafted jewels 🌹

Curated vintage, classic pieces & hand-crafted jewels 🌹

Curated vintage, classic pieces & hand-crafted jewels 🌹Curated vintage, classic pieces & hand-crafted jewels 🌹



Jewelry Repair

Even the most careful of jewelry owners will experience daily wear and tear of their prized pieces. We understand the significance of your engagement ring, your great-grandmother’s earrings, and that antique watch handed down to you by your father, so we are committed to maintaining the quality and life of those pieces as if they were ours. 

If your jewelry is in need of servicing, we are ready to assist! Our two highly experienced in-house bench jewelers are ready to take on any repair needs you may have, big or small; from repronging and resizing, to completely restoring the ring you dropped in the garbage disposal (hey, it happens!) β€” our team can help bring your jewelry back to life in a jiff. 

Click HERE to see a comprehensive list of our repair services, prices vary.



Your jewelry doesn’t need to be broken to need attention! General maintenance is of the utmost importance for ensuring your jewelry lives a long and beautiful life. We offer checking and tightening services to ensure every stone is tight and all prongs are strong, deep cleaning for when your diamond has lost it’s glow, and refinishing for when your band has been scratched from daily wear. 

Click HERE to see our maintenance services, prices vary.


Custom Design

Do you have a vision for a unique engagement ring? An old brooch that would look more stunning as a pendant? Grandma’s loose stones that need a home? Look no further, we’d be happy to help! 

At David Bernatz Jewelers, there are no middle-men during the custom design process. Your concept will come to life through the doors of our small shop, ensuring that everything from communication to the quality of your finished piece will be taken into the highest care. 

Our skilled in-house CAD designer is here to work with you one-on-one to help conceptualize your design, turn that concept into a highly detailed render, and create a finished piece for you. 

Custom consultation is free, so what are you waiting for? You can check out some of our most recent custom work HERE

Custom designs may vary in price.


Appraisals & Evaluations

Appraisals are not only important for assessing the value of your jewelry, but also for helping you understand and appreciate your piece’s unique history. We absolutely love those rare finds (we admit, we’re total jewelry nerds) and truly enjoy this opportunity to assist you in acquiring the value of your piece. 

Whether it be for insurance purposes or for personal knowledge, we offer comprehensive and accurate appraisals on collections and individual items alike. 

We are proud to have three GIA certified Graduate Gemologists on staff, so you can trust our dedicated and experienced team will take care in evaluating your piece. 

Appraisals start at $185.


Evaluations, Buying, & Selling

If you have fallen out of love with a piece of jewelry and are looking for a trusted resource to help you sell, we got you! We offer free evaluations for sale, where we carefully inspect your piece to determine three value tier options for selling: cash value, trade-in, and consignment.

Cash value is the lowest value tier option, but gives you the fastest payout. We’ll buy your jewelry from you on the spot, and you’ll get cash in hand. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s great for when you need cash fast (we all do sometimes!)

Trade-in is the mid-value tier option, we’ll exchange goods or services of equal value as a trade-in for your piece. The trade-in value of your piece will be added to your personal account as a credit memo so it can be used at any time. The credit memo does not expire.

Consignment is the highest value tier option. You’ll still own your piece, but we will put it on the floor to sell for you and will in turn get a cut of the profit. However, you will not receive payment for your piece until it sells. Your piece will get a nice clean and polish before it gets put in our display cases, and it will potentially be advertised on all our social media and e-commerce platforms. If for whatever reason your piece doesn’t sell in the allotted amount of time, you can pick up your piece for a small refinishing and display rental fee. 

(Think of us as your jewelry realtor for this option).

This three-tier system gives you options for profiting off your old jewelry and getting it into the hands of someone who will cherish it forever. Have a bunch of loose stones and precious metal scrap lying around? We buy that too! We love recycling materials, so bring it on by for an evaluation!

Our store is full of beautiful fine, vintage, and hand-crafted jewelry in every budget and for every style. Check out our SHOP page for a taste of what we have in-store, and follow us on instagram for the latest updates! @bernatzjewelers